The beach of Punta Sal Grande is located in the 1187 kilometer of the North Panamerican highway in the Departament of Tumbes, Perú.
The Hotel Smiling Crab is situated almost at the end of the main street of Punta Sal.


By Earth :

You can take a bus from the city of Lima to Máncora. We recommend the following bus lines:
Cruz del Sur, www.cruzdelsur.com.pe
Oltursa www.oltursa.com.pe
Our hotel is twenty five minutes from
Máncora, we can pick up or you can
take a taxi to the hotel.
If you come from the cities of Trujillo
(8 hours), Chiclayo (6 hours),
Piura (3 hours).

By Air :

From the city of Lima to Tumbes city.

We are an hour and a half from the
airport of Tumbes city .
We will be very glad to pick up, we will
offer you a very comfortable price.

Punta Sal - Perú
Teléfono: 0051 72 -540002 - Celular : 0051 - 990193911
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